Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now These Are Cute

Tonight I found the cutest little things -- beaded stick pins. I swear, when I came to this site's home page, I smiled and broke out into a laugh. These are just the neatest, most fun items to have, be it for children, teenagers, or adults. These stick pins were apparently created by a woman who was trying to occupy some children during a storm back in 1996. It worked so well that now it's a business, and I can understand why.

These beaded stick pins come in five different categories -- signature, juniors, awareness, sports, and themes. Accompanying them is a Lanyard and holder, depending on how and what you order. There's an adorable lady bug, Christa the teacher with the apples, Barbara with the pink heart and pink ribbon representing breast cancer awareness (I really love that one), Marraco (one of the signature collection and the one that made me smile brightly upon seeing it), and just a whole lot more.

All of these are handmade in the USA and are guaranteed for a full year, which is pretty neat. They'd make great Fundraising Jewelry, too.

The site sells the stick pins and their holders. Consumers may want to pick up a Beaded Lanyard or two as well.

These are great items that are certain to delight and bring on smiles.

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