Thursday, January 7, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I may have talked about this before but back in the day I used to auction off clippings on eBay. The clippings were articles and photos of stars that I had accumulated on celebrities and famous people. As a fan and collector myself, I know how fun it is to acquire articles I missed or perhaps never had access to because they come from overseas.

In recent times I've thought alot about doing that again, only not through eBay. They have changed their rules so much and I really don't like the way they handle things now. So, I've considered offering them myself through a separate website.

That's where so many of decisions come in. A website and domain cost money. Is it worth in these troublesome times? Would people find 'me' and would they take a chance on someone who doesn't have that eBay guarantee. I'd need a good site and probably a logo. Every type of company, big or small, unofficial or hobby, needs a logo. Look at this - Real Estate Logos - even these guys have logos. It's all in the eyes.

So, do I take a chance or not? It's a risk, and I've got a ton of stuff, waiting for a home. Decisions, decisions.

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