Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Thinking

What an interesting week. No more Walter Cronkite to lead into the CBS news, Leno's back in a true late night time slot, and Mark McGwire finally admits to use steroids, something we all knew. All of this has generated even more articles and tidbits that I could use if I ever do decide to go ahead with my star clips small business.

There's just so much to be considered. I chuckled, though, when I found out there are actually companies that help you start a business. I just stumbled upon this one, Nevada resident agent and was amused that this type of business existed. I guess there's a business for everything apparently.

Well, why not. We have career placement and job agencies, so why not this? Goodness knows, sometimes we need the help.

Maybe I'll make my mind up one of these days. I'm just not much of a gambler and that's what keeps holding me back.

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