Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rex is Home!

Justice has been served! The little girl has little Rex back, and he appears to be okay. The teenager who stole him right in front of the child was just 13. He'll get a slap on the wrist, except I hope that his peers give him holy grief from now on. He deserves to serve some detention for upsetting that little girl and doing such an unthinkable thing.

Kids are precious and they just should not be abused and hurt like this. Okay, enough of the negative. Let's think about some good stuff, like making our kids rooms a special place. There are so many neat things we can do to make their rooms special.

I remember seeing a really terrific setup where curtains actually extended outward and formed a tent. This allowed kids to have their own secret place. It's just an awesome concept.

Something else I was looking at were beds. I'm partial to the racing car beds, but those fire trucks are cute, too. There's also the possibility of using a bed made of logs which can fit an old west or pioneering field. Some girls prefer that princess feeling, canopies and all.

For me, I like seeing the little ones smile as they play in their rooms, using their imagination in the process.

Oh yeah, that's what I prefer. Fun rooms and puppies who are safe at home with their child owners.

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