Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homes and Abodes

There was a big auction of foreclosed homes here over the weekend, during which the one time home of serial killer Dorothea Puente was auctioned off. It's been owned by other people since the days Puente did her killings there, but the house always makes the news whenever anything like this happens.

I was just surprised when I heard it was in foreclosure. I remember when a younger woman owned it and was quite happy there. I'm not sure if she's the one who lost it to foreclosure or not.

The home mortgage business is still a nasty mess. I wonder how long it's going to take us to get healthy where having a roof over our heads is concerned. I feel very lucky to have the security I do.

Many of my friends live in apartments. Maybe that's the way to go, to live somewhere where foreclosure will never enter into the equation.

All I really know is that we live in a great country. Even with our flaws, we are a symbol and hope for all that is good. We'll get it together. I don't know how it will take, but the tide will turn.

In the meantime, I hope we can all pull together and help one another. No one in America should live without a roof above them and hot food in their stomachs.

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