Saturday, September 11, 2010

From 9/11 to a Swayze Remembrance

Hello everyone. First, I would be remiss not to acknowledge this day. 9/11 is a solemn day. Any time I hear that date, my heart sinks. I've watched some of the programs about the tragedies of that day in 2001, and each one makes me feel lucky to be alive to be a part of a nation with such wonderful heroes. So, please pause to remember, and then honor those who lost their lives by moving forward and being the best we can be. Let's roll with life!

There was a story on the news this past week about relationships and it talked a little about how times have changed and how so many people now meet online via dating groups. There are numerous ones of those and apparently these sites are definitely leading to romance and marriage.

I remember when social networking was before the internet as we know it now. People needed to be very suspect and protective when meeting strangers from all over. That's still true, but a lot of the dating sites have more security than they used to. It is hard to meet new people today as well. It was just interesting to me to see this news story discussing it.

Stand Up 2 Cancer aired last night, and I was so deeply touched to see Lisa Niemi there talking about her husband, Patrick Swayze. It caught me a little off guard, and I must admit to shedding some tears when they showed a clip of Patrick from the original telethon special two years ago. He was such a wonderful man. I can't believe he's been gone a year (as of September 14th). He and Lisa had one of the best romances ever.

It is truly a weekend of memories.

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