Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gotta Love Being in Love

Good morning, Campers! It's Thursday, and it's a pleasant day here on the west coast. We're having my kind of weather right now, and I am definitely enjoying it while it lasts.

There is an abundance of romance in the air around here. No, not in our house. Well, there's some of that, of course, but I am really referring to friends and even those in our local media market. Several of the female anchors, for example, are either engaged or pregnant. Something must be in the air of that newsroom

Of course, maybe they are just utilizing their resources. We have a lot of advertising for matchmaking sites. It's not hard to imagine that singles with commonalities want to meet up and end up falling in love.

This world is so crazy that it's easier to go through it with someone special, and happy endings are just the best.

I love love, as they say. Cliche or not, it definitely makes the world go round!

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