Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This and That - I'm Back

Wow, what a month plus. I've had some wonderful highs and some really nasty lows. It's been a bit of everything. After being sick for a couple of weeks plus, I recovered nicely only to end up with the nastiest case of contact dermatitis. It has been very painful at times and difficult to type.

In fact, it still isn't easy to type all the way. My hands were extremely swollen. I even went to the doctor which I just seldom do, but I was one scared puppy. Fortunately, the swelling is down, but my hands still have redness and they are very scaley and scabby, which really makes things difficult.

That said, it's time to try to get back out there before people think I've disappeared from life. I posted a bunch of new reviews over at Review Stream in between doing little hand exercises.

It's also election day. I voted via absentee ballot and have it all out of my head now. I can't tell you how tired I am of politics, especially all of those ridiculous flyers and negative commercials. Enough already. Can we get back to regular junk mail, please.

I've also been watching the news and seeing more recalls on everything from cars to baby strollers. Yikes -- that's not a good thing. It's not a condemnation of the equipment really, but it means parents, be sure. Test things out and never assume.

I'm enjoying the new re-think of Hawaii Five-0, so heartily recommend it if you haven't tried it out yet. I also enjoyed Outlaw and The Whole Truth, but sadly, they've been canceled. Oh, and if you haven't seen Jennifer Love Hewitt's goodbye video done a week or two ago on the about to the struck down set of Ghost Whisperer, check it out.

I hope not to be such a stranger, and I hope someone is reading out there! Happy November!

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