Monday, December 13, 2010

Smiles and Laughter

Last night I watched the Fallen and Homecoming episodes of Stargate SG-1. These are the first two shows from the 7th year when Michael Shanks returned to the series after having been gone, well, in a way, for a season. It was also the two parter that, thankfully, resulted in Corin Nemec's Jonas Quinn character leaving forever (except for one show later on).

I so hated that Jonas Quinn character. As Daniel (Shanks' role) stated, he was 'upbeat' in what felt like an unrealistic manner. He was always smiling, and that drove me nuts, too. Of course, it's just the manner in which the character was introduced that did the most harm.

Still, I'd love to have a fantasy moment when my hero would just slug those grinning moments and do some damage to those pearly white teeth. It's just fantasy, and after all, Daniel would never approve of such violence. Besides, Daniel was back, and his smile was ten times better.

Smiles are a great thing to have, though. I believe in them big times. They come with laughter and I'm an even bigger believer in laughing. We need to laugh; it's healthy, and that's why I'd never have my hero really punch out Jonas; well, maybe in fan fiction. :}

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