Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brown Takes Away Cell Phones and other News

It's been an interesting news day in California, and it began with Governor Jerry Brown signing the order to take away roughly 48,000 cell phones from state employees. He even turned in his own phone. I love this. I'm all for it, and the move to reduce the driver's pool. It's time the state government learned how to operate like the rest of us. I suspect that all of their car use isn't necessary, not in this age of videoconferencing and other technology.

Go Jerry!

Then there was the report about the smart meter issue. It really didn't conclude anything, though. Requested by a couple of politicians in response to complaints, the report said there wasn't a correlation between the meters and health issues reported by homeowners. At the same time, it said more study was necessary.

Now that was waste of energy, in more ways than one.

And Michael Douglas says his tumor is gone. I'm not a fan per se, but for anyone, this is good news. I also hope that he moves forward in becoming a better father to his son, who really needs a dad who is present in his life.

Congratulations, Michael.

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