Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rain, Photos, and Here's Lucy

Its drizzling rain today which is better than when it pours. Still, I actually have gotten a lot done, tossing out some trash, doing some housecleaning, and making calls to people saying 'take me off the mailing lists.' Honestly, there is just too much junk mail out there. The poor trees.

While going through some things, I ended up looking at photos and remembering some fun times in the past. I really feel lucky to have had some treasured experiences -- a couple of great cruises, lots of celebrity events, meeting and sharing time with Patrick Swayze, having some fun at conventions with Michael Shanks, traveling around the USA, and so much more. Having the pictures to look back on is just awesome.

The photo world has changed a lot now, too. These days photo printing is more technological, sharp, and easier in some aspects. Remember all of those 35mm rolls of film? I still have some, but I'm not sure there is any place to get them developed anymore. Everything is digital now it seems.

Off I go to watch more of Here's Lucy, a show I haven't seen in years now. I'm really enjoying it, though.

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