Friday, March 11, 2011

Devastation in Japan

I watched in horror this morning the live pictures of the tsunami ripping through Japan. Not since 9/11 have I seen, live, such devastating pictures. It was witnessing unbelievable destruction. I sat spellbound by it all, my mouth agape at the site. My heart goes out to Japan for their losses.

The tsunami has had a much lesser effect on America. Hawaii has suffered minor damage and now the California coast is awaiting the tsunami. I live in California, and since about 10pm last night, the news has gone on non-stop, commercial-less. The late night news team stayed until 3am and the morning crew came in early. There's been no local news: it's all been the tsunami.

Just now they said that part of the valley is being evacuated as a precaution. Now that's getting too close to home, though no one really expects anything bad.

I just am so saddened and am still in disbelief over those live pictures. Those who watched know what I mean. The water rolled in, houses, cars, boats, debris on fire, all visible. Surely, it carried some of the 300 people that have now been reported dead in that region. What a terrible site to witness.

I had my last Pizza Hut pizza two days ago. I'm upset with the company; specifically, the local franchise that delivers to me. They do not value their customers, so I took advantage of the free pizza coupon they sent me and enjoyed an awesome pizza the other night. Now it's on to find another really good pan pizza. I was going to give Papa John's my business, but they no longer make pan pizzas. What's with that?

Again, my prayers to those affected by this dreadful tsunami. As Crescent City, California awaits the impact, I continue to watch, amazed at the forces at which nature reminds us of our vulnerability.

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