Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living Green and Katie Swee

Living green is more than a popular buzz word for the 2000's. It's a way of life that must be adopted in order for our planet to endure and even thrive as time marches on. Perhaps we won't know what the future holds, but certainly our children and their children will.

The problem for some is that living green sounds overwhelming. There are so many tips out there that it can make a person feel like doing their part is impossible, and that's why my number one tip is to simply the process. Most of us can't do everything. We might not have the financial ability to transform our homes to solar power and perhaps we are not physically capable of caulking the doorways and insulating the attic.

However, we can all do something. Recycle plastic bottles, turn off lights when leaving a room, unplug appliances when not in use, purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products, or any of many other green tips.

Take the complex out of living green and just do something that is within your capabilities. Something is progress; something is far more than doing nothing.

Finally, Katie Swee, where the heck are you? I've responded to your posts here and sent you an email, but no response. It was fun to hear from you; hope all is well.

Onward to the next period of light, or darkness, whichever the case may be!


Amy said...

Great post! I think there's some good advice here. It's a lot easier to be "green" when you take it in small steps and do what seems reasonable to you.

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