Friday, April 1, 2011

Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers Together Again

Now this is hot stuff and this might get me to tune in to The Young and the Restless, a soap opera that I've never really liked. I have watched a handful of episodes, most recently when Don Swayze, brother of Patrick Swayze, popped up for a few episodes. However, the news I just read actually excites me, so Y&R, I might just watch you!

Genie Francis, most well known as Laura Webber Baldwin Spencer on General Hospital, is joining
Y&R in a brand new role in which she will be teamed with Rogers, who plays Colin, father of Cane. Francis will be Cane's mom, Colin's ex-wife. Wowsa! Let me say again, Wowsa!

The thing is when Rogers first joined GH as sexy Robert Scorpio, there were people then who wondered about the chemistry between Rogers and Francis. It garnered a lot of conversation between fans. Naturally, nothing ever happened as the characters were all well involved with others, but that is exactly what makes this casting, decades later, exciting.

Francis begins in late May sometime. I just may be tuning in.

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