Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hershey Chocolate a Luxury

I love chocolate. Chocolate is yummy. It is a delight, but I've found a cure for my chocolate mania: high prices. The bad news is that it is getting worse.

When I go to the store, I've watched the prices climb to 35¢ and to 45
¢ and to 60¢ and then to 75¢. I think some have been at 89¢ for a while. Other bigger sizes have long been over a dollar. The problem is, and yes I'm giving away my age, I remember going to the grocery store and paying a whole nickle for a candy bar. What's more, that bar was bigger than anything sold today.

Now comes the news that Hershey is raising their prices by 10 percent to their wholesalers. That means our price is going up even more.

Sorry, but that makes my favorite everyday chocolate a luxury. As it is, I don't buy a regular bar unless it's on sale. I have never paid more than 50
¢ for it, and when I do, I shudder.

Woe is today for today Hershey Chocolate became a luxury I cannot afford.

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