Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jonathan Jackson's Lucky Says Goodbye to General Hospital

I just read that the talented Jonathan Jackson is leaving General Hospital for the second time. Jackson originated the role of Lucky Spencer, son of Luke and Laura (Tony Geary and Genie Francis), in 1993 and quickly became regarded as one of the best, if not the best, youth actors in the soap opera industry.

During that time, Jackson's character teamed up with the young Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and were an instant hit with fans.

Jackson left the role, replaced in time by Jacob Young, who did an admirable job in the acclaimed role, and then Greg Vaughn, who in my opinion was just so-so. When Jackson agreed to return to the show, I cheered. He wanted to work with Geary and Herbst again. That was 2009.

I still remember his first scene back. It was a clever "Remember me?" moment as he rang the doorbell and Herbst answered the door.

Unfortunately, the writers chose not to reunited the Lucky and Liz characters for the long haul. That's a mistake. Every show needs a Lucky and Liz that may go through difficulties, but who you always know will reunite. On Days of our Lives, for example, it's Bo and Hope, and on the recently canceled All My Children, it was Jesse and Angie.

Jackson has had some remarkable scenes with Geary, but the problem is that Geary is the diva of soapdom. He works an odd schedule. In fact, he's rarely seen during the summer at all. So, Jackson's opportunities to work with Geary have been constrained by Geary himself. As for pairing with Herbst, reportedly, he's pleaded his case to the GH producers and was ignored and voted down.

What a shame, especially when GH needs ratings. Jackson is also tired of the darkness. GH is all about thugs now. That's a shame, too. It has made the mob the focus; there is never justice. We are told to love the killers and mob leaders, simply because they are anti-drugs and prostitution.

I like Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny, the head of the mob, and Steve Burton is a talented actor. He play's Sonny's #2, Jason, who once really was a nice boy, but who then had an accident and turned into a thug. That was horrid, but it's now the staple and norm for GH.

Jackson's return was a chance to give fans some romance of the long lasting variety. He moved his family back to LA just to resume the part.

I was once a regular viewer of GH. I began acting decades ago, but in the last several years, I have lost interest. Jackson says he's tired of the darkness. So am I, and that's why I tune in only on rare occasions, like I did for Jackson's return, and why I would have for the never-to-happen Lucky and Liz reunion.

Shame on GH, for turning GH into a mobfest and for losing the talents of the wonderful Jonathan Jackson.

Jackson's last taping is scheduled for November 17 with his last scenes to air sometime in December.

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