Monday, November 14, 2011

Save Thanksgiving from Brown Thursday!

Okay, enough is enough already. I groaned when Christmas wrappings were brought out into stores in August and September. I cringed when Target announced it was opening its stores at midnight, just as soon as Thanksgiving was officially a done deal. I was only slightly surprised when Wal-Mart had to one-up their competitor by opening up at 10pm on Thursday and now? Well, now Toys R Us, the family store, takes away just about the entire evening with their announcement that they will be opening up at 9pm on Thursday.

Are buyers that anxious to give up Thanksgiving evening with their family and friends? Is the day now nothing more than a reason to watch football and belch over a full meal?

This is ridiculous. I'll bet money (and I'm not a gambler) that another retailer will up the ante, vowing to open up at 5pm. The next thing you know, there won't be a Thanksgiving.

I urge all of you not to fall into the trap. Stand up for Thanksgiving while it's still a day of gratitude and appreciation and not one of getting the kids into bed quickly so you can go bargain hunting. If no one shows up at 9, 10 and midnight, next year, the stores will keep Black Friday on Friday and not turn turkey day into Brown Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

What's the difference from those grocery stores that stay open on Thanksgiving and have their workers work during the day?

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