Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Sacramento: Waste of Taxpayer Money

What a waste of taxpayer money. Several weeks ago, several Sacramentans were arrested for not leaving the park where the Occupy movement was set up. Quickly, the district attorney announced that they would not be trying any of these cases. Well, then the City attorney butted in and said she was going to prosecute.

Give me a break. How dumb and wasteful that sounded at the time, and guess what she announced today? Yes, you got it. None of the cases are going forward unless it's someone who has multiple arrests.

Now how much money has Sacramento wasted in these past weeks working on these dismissed cases?

Frankly, the city attorney needs to be dismissed for butting her nose in and not letting the district attorney to his job. It's such a joke.

Quite honestly, I believe that on the whole the governments of all the Occupy cities have overreacted. People just wanted to be heard. Now I do agree that with time they needed to go in and clean the parks or other Occupy areas, but that's what they do -- clean -- not threaten and arrest.

Dumb, dumb and dumber ... and the taxpayers are paying the price.

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