Friday, May 25, 2012

Bodie Goes Home

The prayers worked, and Bodie the K9 officer went home this afternoon. He looks so much better.  I am so happy for this awesome dog that he is able to go home with his handler.  I think when he jumped into the backseat of his patrol car, he felt like his old self.

The sendoff was witnessed by a slew of media and members of the public, who just warmed to Bodie right away.

This photo is courtesy of The Sacramento Bee's news site.

Also in the canine news, and this is disgusting, is a sweet daschund who was picked up by two adults in their 20s a few days ago.  They strapped an M80 explosive around his neck and, yes, decrepit people that they are, they exploded it.  The dog, now called Rocket, survived and had a lot of stitches on his neck.  He is recovering, but in the scenes on the news, you could just see him shaking.  I am so miffed that people are so cruel.  I hope that someday God gives those two animal abusers their just desserts.  I just have no tolerance for those who are cruel to animals, especially in situations like this.

On the good side, Rocket has a lot of loving homes to choose from, and the vets say he should be able to go home next week.

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