Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prayers for Bodie

I have to say that I have been truly touched by a beautiful dog named Bodie.  He is a K9 police dog who was shot twice last week by a villain.  I admit that I have no remorse that Bodie's handler then shot and killed the shooter.  Bodie was shot in the paw and the jaw, nearly lacerating his tongue. He was critical condition, but his handler and the vet staff stayed with him all night.  He was upgraded to serious and now is in stable condition.  Today, Bodie had a second surgery.

My prayers and those of my city go out to Bodie, who continues to be the focus for news stories on all of our local channels.  He is just 4 years old.

You can read Bodie's story here and keep up to date here.

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