Monday, June 16, 2008

Cassie and Tessa

Cassie and Tessa are my two beautiful dogs, and I thought I'd do a quick introduction of them.

Cassie is coming up on her third birthday in July. She's a black lab, very gentle and loving. Her sister is Tessa, who is 1 1/2. She's a mix of lab, german shepherd, and heeler. She really does try to herd people! It's very cute!

Right now, on this very warm day in California, they are outside, being taunted by the squirrels. Have you seen those commercials where the squirrel is in the middle of the street and just laughs at the motorist who ends up crashing? I believe it!

These squirrels sit on the top of the fence and just stare down at my babies, taunting them. The girls go nuts, and it's absolutely hysterical to watch.

I wanted to upload their picture, but no matter what I did, blogger wouldn't upload them -- some internal error; but if you want to see them, you can click here and visit my doggies' web page.


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