Monday, June 16, 2008

Money Makers - Vindale Research

To start with, I'm one of many people who are struggling to make a go in this very complicated and expensive world of ours. One way I'm doing that now is by participating in various online surveys and places where you can earn some extra cash. This cash isn't 'extra' for me, though. It's what I use to pay my bills and buy the groceries.

As I write about some of these places, I will be honest about my experiences and views on the individual sites.

The first site I want to plug is called Vindale Research. With Vindale, you can do trials and test for products both online and in your home. Since signing up, I've gotten MP3 downloads, credit services, movie rentals, skin care products, and so much more. There's no cost to the member at all. You sign up for free. The compensation varies, depending upon the survey, but it has always been reasonable and profitable in my opinion.

Many of these test items have been online, just doing a quick survey about a website. Others have been items that have come to my home for review.

Vindale Research is proven to me. I've received payment from them, with another check in the mail. It really hasn't taken much in terms of time or effort, either. Their customer service has been very good, and they seem to be very professional.

On the referral side of things, I get $5.00 if you sign up. On the plus side for you, if you like it and tell your friends, you then get $5.00 for every sign up. As soon as you join, they send you an email with tips and information on their organization, one for three days. They have a test survey you can do, or not, for $5.00. I actually didn't do the test one. I did get $2.00 right away just for completing my profile.

Try Vindale! It'll help me, and you'll profit from it, too!

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tanya said...

Hey there Orry,

It's me spy- just popping in to let alittle sun in your neck of the woods.

I love your blog, it's very interesting and personable!


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