Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Over-reacting on the Swine Flu? ... and more odds and ends

You know, I'm all for not panicking over the little stuff, but when the Swine Flu story first hit and then spread so fast overnight, I actually thought the U.S. should shut down the border from the U.S. to Mexico. I don't think that's over-reacting, not when you look at how massive the Swine Flu has been to Mexicans in their native country.

No one did anything, and now it's spreading even more. As I write this, a plane is being held in Maryland because a passenger is on board who may have the Swine Flu. That means that one person could have affected hundreds at the airport. If we understood this strain and what was specifically responsible for it, it might be different, but we're dealing with the unknown.

So, why are we being so cocky? Sure, no one wants panic, and right now the situation with the incidents in the U.S. has been mild, but why isn't the government doing everything they can to protect this country? Close down the border for a few days. Mexico is in a crisis. Why would we allow our own people to enter into that mess and then come back here and spread it around?

I just don't get it. Shut down the borders and stop the flights to and from Mexico. It's common sense. Until we get a handle on what the deal is, we have to protect ourselves.

While I'm whining about things I don't understand, that idiot who ordered the presidential plane flyover in New York the other day, complete with a fighter jet, should be fired. People were hurt. If it's just a photo op, why the secret? Put in the news. It's not like Obama was on the plane. I don't understand the callousness of the person who ordered the secrecy. In fact, they should be demoted -- immediately. Anyone who is that high up that they can order that kind of flight, including the classifying of it as secret, should have more common sense than what this idiot showed. I'll stop short of firing him, but he should be demoted and start taking his orders from someone with more intelligence and sensitivity.

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