Monday, May 11, 2009

A Local Opportunity

I'm back again with another place where you can chat and make new friends. As I've said before, online chat rooms are no stranger to me. When I first started on the internet, I was especially active in these type of places. You just never knew who you might meet, and I met some great people. As a result, some good relationships formed.

Recently, I've plugged some places where you could chat that were based on something you have in common with other chatters. This site is similar, except that the commonality isn't a hobby or characteristic, but is where you live.

In just a matter of minutes, you can be involved in a free local chat by clicking on the link and signing up. Membership is one-hundred percent free and doesn't involve more than filling out a quick sign up form. If you like, you can add to your profile to give folks whatever information you'd like to about yourself.

This site also makes it possible to communicate by webcam. If you go into one of the video chat rooms, you can use your webcam to chat with folks who live in your city. That's pretty neat.

As always, be safe and cautious with your chats and in the process, you can meet some great folks right where you live. It can be a lot easier than meeting someone at the supermarket.

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