Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick Update

For my fan fic folks, I need to get back to what I can to earn a few bucks on the internet, but I did finish Revelations early this morning and it's out for beta'ing. I think I need more betas, though. Everyone is so busy. Anywho, it's out there. Daniel is also dancing around my head, insisting on a ficlet being written. I gotta work, though, so am trying to teach the man patience. We'll see who wins!

It's getting too hot here again, too. Mid-80's this week and supposed to be low 90's by the weekend and going into next week. Nooooooo! Ugh!

The girls are outside, having a great time, though. They're running around in circles, chasing each other at the moment. I can see them from my chair. Oh my -- Tessa just grabbed something -- not sure what it is, but she's having fun with it as she runs. Oh -- there goes Cassie on the prowl, hunting Tessa. I love these girls. they are my joy!

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