Monday, May 11, 2009

Shred Those Documents!

Here's your helpful hint for the day: make sure you shred your old bills and documents. Actually, shred anything that has personal information on it, including your name and address. This is vital in today's world where identity theft is so prevalent. It's also extremely important to businesses, small or otherwise, to protect their customers' private information.

Office Paper Shredders are absolutely essential. What's great about new models is that there is now the option to get shredders which cut the documents so fine that the destroyed paper becomes confetti. It's more secure than the traditional strip-type of shredders. Whichever style you want is available in a wide price range.

Many brands of paper shredders exist, including Olympia Paper Shredders. They use the term 'cross cut' to describe some of their shredders. That's the same thing as a confetti shredder.

Another option is to purchase one of the many Dahle Shredders that are on the market.

Protect your business and your clients by having a quality shredder to destroy those documents with personal information on them. Even if you're an individual, having a good shredder is ultra important to keep you and your family safe. I've had one for years and shred my papers on a daily basis, even tearing off my name and address from magazine covers and shredding that. You can't be too careful anymore!

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