Friday, January 14, 2011

Redemption and Girl Scout Cookies

I just heard the neatest story on the news. A convenience store owner (it's a gas station and convenience store) had a young man come into his store earlier this month. The young man handed over a note that essentially said that as a teenager, he'd robbed from the store practically every day. He said he'd changed now, that he'd become a Christian, and that he felt compelled to do the right thing. So, along with the note, he handed the owner $200 which is what he'd valued his thefts at. The owner was impressed, accepted the money, and wished the young man well. That note now resides on the counter for current teenagers to see, to realize they do have a future and that stealing isn't necessary. Isn't that a great story? Way to go to the young man making good on his past mistakes.

I also heard that the Girl Scouts have new packaging for one of their cookie offerings this year. I'm not sure why they didn't do it for all of them. I don't really think the American public would have rebelled at the new, more eco-style packaging. Rather, I think it's worth applause. Now if only the price were affordable. Unfortunately, cost has made them out of my league now.

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