Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gain is not Gooder; it's as Bad as Bad Can Get

Have you seen this current marketing campaign for Gain Detergent where it uses a non-word, specifically 'gooder'? I am really upset about it because it goes against our education system. They are literally promoting the decay of our youth by putting out, and intentionally yet, a commercial that is improper grammar.

I called Gain customer service and they are getting complaints. They do have a rationale prepared to give, but it's not acceptable in my opinion.

I strongly urge anyone who believes that we need corporate operations to use better sense in and to take responsibility for their advertising. I just know kids will see that ad and the non-word 'gooder' will spread in mis-use.

Please call Gain Customer Service at:
1-800-888-4246. Voice your opinion and let's get this disrespectful ad campaign halted now!

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