Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maddie the Dog joins the Ghost Hunters

I just love this. It started last week on the Ghost Hunters show and it continued tonight. Personally, I hope they keep it up every week from now on. In a paranormal TV first, Maddie the dog has joined the TAPS team.

This dog apparently spent the few months preceding her debut being trained in paranormal hunts. It's just fascinating. She is a beautiful dog and fun to watch. Jason and Grant, the TAPS founders, say she's doing great. I just think she gives us something fun to look at when watching the show.

Ghost Hunters was really the first paranormal show that I'm aware of. Many others have followed like Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal Cops. The first, it seems like the show may actually outlive all of its competitors. Several of these other shows have had good runs, but have ended or are in the processing of shutting down. Only Ghost Hunters is continuing, and with two spin offs even (Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy).

With Maddie along for the fun, this could go on for much longer than anyone could have imagined.

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Instant Tent 8 - 14' X 10' said...

" fun to look at when watching the show." I agree she does add to the show. Would be really cool if she does sense something...dogs have some kind of a 6th sense. Years ago before all the technolgy my shepard could warn me of a storm hours before it arrived.

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