Thursday, May 7, 2009

Car Check Up

It just dawned on me that I still haven't taken my car in for its usual check up. It's something I like to do as much as possible since I rely so much on this vehicle and need it to survive for many years to come. I was thinking about it because the weather is heating up again, as I've talked about a lot recently.

I remember last year when my auto's air conditioning went out. It was right in the middle of a scorcher of a season. I don't recall if I talked about it on the blog, but I mentioned it to friends. It was just horrible. Leaving the windows down was of no help, the hot wind just blazing by and infiltrating my car. I was sweaty by the time I got to work, and it made going anywhere a miserable experience. I kept wishing it was a fuse, but it was more involved. Thankfully, though, it wasn't too hard to fix, and then I was back in my nice, comfy, cool automobile. Boy, was that a relief!

It's so important to make sure the equipment is maintained and in good running order, especially the A/C compressor, and don't forget the coolant, either!

If you're in need of an A/C compressor or other parts to keep your auto air conditioning in tip top shape, visit the link. They provide free shipping and a warranty on every part they sell, and that's exciting in and of itself.

Stay cool!

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