Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Chatters On Wheels

Tonight, I'm letting my readers know about yet another great opportunity for those with something in common to get together and chat away. I have an aunt who has something like multiple sclerosis. I say 'something like' because it's never been accurately diagnosed, and that's just what the doctors have decided upon. She's had this for her almost her entire life. She went from stumbling, to using crutches, to being in a wheelchair, and that's where she's been for the majority of her adult life. She has always faced unique obstacles that only she understands, and though she's extremely independent, it's weighed on her.

If my aunt were online, I really think she'd love to participate in a wheelchair chat. She's just missed the computer age, though, but she was very social with people. Nothing ever phased her, and I honestly believe that being able to get together with others in her situation would have helped her get through the days and maybe learn how to handle things in her own family a little better than she did.

The great thing about this chat site is that it's completely free of charge. There are many different chat rooms to participate in, including video chats, if you have a webcam and want to converse in that way. If you're on wheels, give this wheelchair chat a try. You might find some welcome companionship there.

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