Monday, March 22, 2010

Bullock's Woes A Reminder

I have lots to write about here; it's just a matter of getting to it. One of the things going on in the news is the marital woes of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. He's admitted to cheating on her while she was making the film that just earned her an Academy Award. Personally, I never understood the attraction between these two. I adore Sandra, but I have no clue what it is that she sees, or saw, in James, who was unimpressive last year on Celebrity Apprentice.

No one knows what will ultimately happen in that marriage, but it's a reminder that a relationship, any coupling, requires a lot of work, and you just can't take anything, or anyone, for granted.

Dating today is hard stuff. It seems like you have to look around carefully at dating sites. Can you trust what you see, be it the online word or those eyes staring in your face? That's the 100 dollar question.

Sandra is apparently hiding away right now, and I don't blame her. I just hope that her future is bright and that she finds the sunlight again.

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