Monday, March 22, 2010

Game Fun

My biggest news of the month is that I've finally joined the modern age of the computer. My last computer purchase was a decade back, and until a week or so ago, I was utilizing Win98, which just wasn't supported by anyone anymore. It was hard to even find virus scan protection for it, and on almost any site I was having access problems. Then there was the slowness. I just couldn't take it, especially the 5-minutes it took to boot my computer (and I'm not exaggerating).

Now though I finally have the latest thing; well, closer to it anyway. I have a ton of space and a bunch of memory. Everything has been moving fast. I'm just in computer heaven about it all.

As a result, I've been considering doing some computer games. I'm looking for recommendations. I know there are places where games are located, so whether it's a trusted website or an actual game to purchase, I'm in the 'maybe' stage of getting a couple or finding places to go. Nothing grotesque or horror, though. I'd like things like the ancient centipede and pac man.

We all need to have fun, and a few computer games or arcade sites might provide the occasional distraction.

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