Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coming Together

The other day I mentioned a chat group I had found that might interest folks and today I've found another one. What appeals to me about this one is that it's one where Christians from around the world can come together and visit online in a safe environment. The site offers free christian chat for anyone who is interested.

Membership at the Christian Chat City, as it is called, is free. You complete a quick sign up form and update your profile as you like, and then you're ready to chat with others at your leisure. The neat thing is knowing that you have one big thing in common, that of being Christian. That's a pretty nice bond, in my opinion.

This site also has video chat rooms so if you're someone who likes to express yourself visually with your webcam, you can do so here. Access is instant, so as soon as you complete the sign up, you can start chatting.

Chat rooms can be a great place to get to know new people online and make friends. They're a place you can go to for fun and just to share whatever is on your mind. Folks have to be careful these days, of course, but chat rooms can be a place full of positive experiences. You never know what you might learn or who you might meet there.

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